No bullshit. Just lifting.

Okay, so this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while that bugs me.

No matter what kind of fitness article I read directed at women, regardless if it’s the laughable “never-lift-more-than-3-lbs” kind or the sort that sings the gospel of barbells, kettlebells and heavy sets there’s a recurring way of speaking to and about the female reader. Why are we constantly addressed as “ladies”? And what is up with the constant reassurance that we “won’t get big” just because we lift heavy? (For some of us, that’s more than a little discouraging).

And finally, the endless, ceaseless, never-ending focus on beauty. And I don’t really care if it comes in the version of “follow this stupid-ass diet plan and you’ll be sexy/pretty/beautiful” or the more empowering sort of “you’ll get strong AND sexy”, “strong is beautiful”, “you’re a beautiful goddess.” sort of language. I get tired on this focus on appearances. I get tired of the beauty standard. And I don’t think the articles directed at men in general spend so much time reassuring them that they are handsome boys inside-and-out and that their strength makes them shine with wonderful confidence etc.

Why is is so important to reassure women that they’re beautiful? I get that it’s about trying to counter a culture where women are constantly told their looks aren’t enough but I’m feeling more and more that trying to reassure us that we’re already beautiful is the wrong way to go. Because the truth of the matter is something else entirely: It doesn’t fucking matter.

It doesn’t matter what you look like. It matters what you do and how you feel. Let’s talk about that instead.

So I posted this on facebook group I belong to in a fit of frustration that there is not a god damn place on the internet where I can find content that includes the words women+lifting but NOT sexy, beautiful, pretty etc. Well, I was told if I wanted that content I’d better start writing it. So here we are. No bullshit, just lifting shit.