Diety recovery: Shit I used to do that I thought was healthy

– I boiled eggs and brought them in my bag to dinners with family so I would have a “healthy” source of protein with my dinner. Then I would eat those in secret in the bathroom.

– I avoided sun-dried tomatoes because they’re dried fruit and dried fruit is bad for you.

– If I ever did eat sun-dried tomatoes I would rinse them off. Because sunflower oil is full of calories and will also kill you because vegetable oil is the devil.

– I stopped eating bread.

– I thought trying to find a way to be both primal and vegetarian was a great idea.

– I celebrated my capacity for gradually increasing my restriction of food as “mindful eating”

– I stopped drinking beer because of the calories and the carbs

– I refused to eat starchy carbs unless they fit into my PWO window